microPublication Biology

Michelle Alcantara1ORCID logo, Hira Iftikhar1, Kimberly Kagan1, Dianna Dzheyranyan1, Pedram Abbasi2*, Alejandra Alamilla2*, Nicole Ayala2*, Trixy Baca2*, Vanessa Benoit2*, Natalia Clausen2*, Caroline Coto2*, Celia Guerrero2*, Erik Hernandez Catalan2*, Sierra Hurtado2*, Angela Lopez2*, Jacqueline Lopez2*, Nicholas Majarian2*, Noah Mesfin2*, Avetis Mishegyan2*, Goharik Mkrtchyan2*, Amy Ordonez2*, Arthur Pachanyan2*, Tanya Pelayo2*, Alondra Rosas2*, Kylee Rowsey2*, Elina Sharma2*, Sanjiti Sharma2*, Shauna Van Grinsven2*, and Yoshie Hanzawa1§ORCID logo

1Department of Biology, California State University Northridge

2Department of Biology, BIOL 481L Plant Physiology, California State University Northridge

§Correspondence to: Yoshie Hanzawa (yoshie.hanzawa@csun.edu)

* Authors have equal contribution







Author Contributions

  • Michelle Alcantara: Data curation, Writing - original draft, Formal analysis, Investigation
  • Hira Iftikhar: Supervision, Project administration
  • Kimberly Kagan: Supervision
  • Dianna Dzheyranyan: Supervision
  • Pedram Abbasi: Investigation
  • Alejandra Alamilla: Investigation
  • Nicole Ayala: Investigation
  • Trixy Baca: Investigation
  • Vanessa Benoit: Investigation
  • Natalia Clausen: Investigation
  • Caroline Coto: Investigation
  • Celia Guerrero: Investigation
  • Erik Hernandez Catalan: Investigation
  • Sierra Hurtado: Investigation
  • Angela Lopez: Investigation
  • Jacqueline Lopez: Investigation
  • Nicholas Majarian: Investigation
  • Noah Mesfin: Investigation
  • Avetis Mishegyan: Investigation
  • Goharik Mkrtchyan: Investigation
  • Amy Ordonez: Investigation
  • Arthur Pachanyan: Investigation
  • Tanya Pelayo: Investigation
  • Alondra Rosas: Investigation
  • Kylee Rowsey: Investigation
  • Elina Sharma: Investigation
  • Sanjiti Sharma: Investigation
  • Shauna Van Grinsven: Investigation
  • Yoshie Hanzawa: Funding acquisition, Project administration, Supervision, Writing - review & editing, Conceptualization

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  • Received: 7/26/2023
  • Revision Received: 9/20/2023
  • Accepted: 10/11/2023
  • Published Online: 10/15/2023
  • Indexed: 10/29/2023


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