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Mahmoud M. Daraghmi1*, Jacob M. Miller1*, Connor G. Bailey1, Ellen M. Doss1, Ashley L. Kalinski1ORCID logo, Philip J. Smaldino1ORCID logo, and Eric M. Rubenstein1§ORCID logo

1Department of Biology, Ball State University

§Correspondence to: Eric M. Rubenstein (emrubenstein@bsu.edu)

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This work was funded by NIH grant R15 GM111713 (EMR) and the Ball State University Department of Biology. Work in the lab of PJS is funded by NIH grant R15 G067291, NIH grant R15 CA252996, and the Miami Foundation for Cancer Research. Work in the lab of ALK is funded by the Indiana Academy of Science, Ball State University Provost Laboratory Start-up funds, and a Johns Hopkins Merkin Peripheral Neuropathy and Nerve Regeneration Center Grant. This project was conceived while EMR was supported in part by a Ball State University Excellence in Teaching award (sponsored by the Ball State University Division of Online and Strategic Learning and the Office of the Provost).

Author Contributions

  • Mahmoud M. Daraghmi: Investigation, Writing - review & editing, Validation
  • Jacob M. Miller: Investigation, Writing - review & editing, Validation
  • Connor G. Bailey: Supervision, Writing - review & editing
  • Ellen M. Doss: Supervision, Writing - review & editing
  • Ashley L. Kalinski: Writing - review & editing, Supervision, Project administration
  • Philip J. Smaldino: Project administration, Supervision, Writing - review & editing
  • Eric M. Rubenstein: Conceptualization, Funding acquisition, Project administration, Supervision, Writing - original draft

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  • Received: 1/9/2023
  • Revision Received: 1/24/2023
  • Accepted: 1/26/2023
  • Published Online: 1/31/2023
  • Indexed: 2/14/2023



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